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User-1880.86 7 months ago
masters degree healthcare management.
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User-1513.48 7 months ago
Chart bottomed out at 0.0015's. Might do a run to 0.01+ once MACD is bullish.
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User-2204.28 7 months ago
I've hear good things.
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User-1946.80 6 months ago
5 labs and more to come IMHO
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User-828.96 6 months ago
NVDA $164 Pre-Market Wow!
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User-828.96 6 months ago
TSLA all time high $373 premarket!
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User-2508.86 5 months ago
Pay attention.
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User-2282.78 5 months ago
Major moves!
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User-1051.90 5 months ago
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User-1051.90 4 months ago
This will run the closer we get to CEDIA expo, IMO
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User-1051.90 4 months ago
NEWS OUT, Q2 looking great $$$
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User-1051.90 3 months ago
Next week is the CEDIA expo, great things are coming!!!
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User-1494.64 1 month ago
CNBX can go get fucked
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User-1456.96 1 month ago
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User-1833.76 2 days ago
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